Smarties Cake

One day I was just browsing through different cake decorating ideas and I came across this super simple smarties cake decorating idea that was fairly easy and looked really cool. I pinned it and decided I was definitely going to make it for someones birthday.

It just happened that about two weeks after I found it my friend Carly’s birthday was coming up so I decided I would make it for her on our weekend out at the cabin for canada day.

So to start I realised I needed smarties, A LOT of smarties, so I headed to the local bulk store to buy a massive amount of the candy coated chocolate pieces.

This is what twenty dollars in Smarties looks like.

Okay so I may have gone a little over board on the smarties but I wanted to make sure I had enough.

Smarties Cake

What you will need:

  • A LARGE amount of smarties ( or M&M’s)
  • 2 containers of icing (what ever flavor you choose)
  • 1 cake mix of your choice
  • cake pans
  • surface for the cake

How to make the cake:

  • Follow the directions on the cake mix and split the cake into two round cake pans
  • Bake as directed, then let cool
  • Once the cakes are cooled flip them out of the pans onto the surface that you are creating the cake on.
  • Ice in between the two cakes and then place one on top of the other
  • Ice a generous layer onto the entire surface of the cake
  • Organize the smarties into colors and then create a swirly pattern across the cake
  • Continue to follow the pattern adding an extra row each different colour until the whole cake is covered
  • Add all the extra smarties around the base
  • VOILA a really cool looking cake

My rendition:

My Pin link:


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